2005-  Incorporation in Maryland-USA of La Qu@rantaine as a Non-Profit Organization

2006-  Art exhibition in Washington D.C, Maryland, and Virginia to help settle the refugees from West Africa (Togo in particular) coming in the  USA.

2011-  Incorporation in Togo (West Africa) of La Quarantaine-Togo

- Since then we keep using the Art to fight for Human Right and against poverty in Africa.

Marcel Quaye-Akue
President: La Quarantaine-Togo
The Executive Bureau
La Quarantaine-Togo


It is easy to make a difference in every  community. Find out how you too can

Make that Difference .

mission & vision

At La Quarantaine we start by using our painting to make the world aware of 

​humanitarian abuses... tomorrow we are going to free the World thru awarness.

our  team in togo

"As an Artist and Human-Rights Activist, I believe in my talents
to bring my touch of light to the humanity wherever people still
in the darkness"

Pierre Klousse
Founder: La Qu@rantaine Inc (USA)

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La quarantaine.org

Using Art to Make a Difference in People's Life